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How Your Donation

Makes a Difference

Young ladies who have been under state care for a period, upon reaching the age of 18 – the legal age of an adult- are no longer wards of the state and therefore no longer under state care. Many of these young ladies under state care would usually reside in State managed homes until the age of 18 and it has been seen that upon leaving State care these young women seem to fall into unhealthy situations for example, abusive relationships, living in unsupportive environments, prostitution, drugs and drug trafficking, teenage pregnancy and dead end jobs.

Your donations go directly to the NiNa's Intervention and Transition Programme that provides activities such as: 


Housing support

Developmental Workshops

Group Sessions with a Licensed Counsellor


Financing further Education & Mentoring 

How to Donate

To Support NiNa's young leadership programme you can contact us by clicking on 

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