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What is NiNa?

NiNa is a young women's leadership programme that focuses on creating an entrepreneurial culture and mindset in young women in the Caribbean.  The NiNa Programme equips young girls ages 15 to 18 with entrepreneurial tools and fosters an entrepreneurial culture and mind-set to deal with the challenges encountered within their environment.

NiNa Goals

NiNa seeks to create a cadre of young female leaders in the Caribbean through training in life skills, leadership, self belief and entrepreneurship.

NiNa Activities

NiNa has several activities under four streams of work –

NiNa School Programme,

NiNa Jude’s Home for Girls Programme 

NiNa Summer Programme

NiNa Transition Programme

Learn & Get Inspired

It takes a village… NiNa's Transition Programme providing resource networks, safe physical and psychological spaces, personal healing, growth and development and facilitating education for young women aging out of state care. 

Featured Stories

The Spotlight Initiative 

In partnership with the Spotlight Initiative, the United Nations Foundation  launched in 2021 the WithHer Fund – a new funding vehicle that will provide resources directly to grassroots women’s organizations around the world fighting gender-based violence (GBV) in their local communities. The NiNa Young Women's Leadership Program is delighted to have been chosen as one of the 6 organizations from throughout the world that will benefit from being a part of this Village.

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